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Archive for January, 2012



I have been using to host my website  for a little over a year now and have been very pleased with their service so far. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for bare bones VPS solution. They offer you complete control over your server, providing your choice of linux install and the ssh details for root access. They also have a free iOS app for performing reboots, backups, and viewing usage stats.


Boston’s Best Lobster Roll?

While back in Massachusetts for the holidays, we decided to scout out Boston’s best lobster roll. After doing the proper research on yelp, chowhound, and multiple blogs, B&G Oysters seemed to be the place to go. Instead of the mayo that has an appearance in all other cold lobster rolls I have enjoyed over the years, this one was prepared with citrus juice and spices. It drew more of your attention to the flavor of the meat, but I found myself missing the mayo.  And at $28, this sandwich should be nothing short of perfection. Would I get it again? Yes. Was it the best? Probably not.